Julie Wuis


Julie Wuis, also known as "The Queen of Face," is a key opinion leader, clinical trainer, and renowned expert in the field of medical aesthetics. Her expertise involves meeting individual patient needs with natural rejuvenation to restore youthful appearances. Julie's work is internationally known as transformative facial balancing. Her commitment lies in continuous learning, client teaching and building relationships based on trust and integrity with her patients. Julie is currently on the faculty for Allergan Aesthetics and the leading spokesperson in Canada for Emerage Skin alongside Dr. Jason Emer. She is known for guest speaking at medical aesthetic conferences internationally, with her work published in several articles and magazines. Julie has presented on advanced complications, training on protocol/treatment planning, product integration, and emphasizing the importance of vulnerability amongst patients within medical practice. Currently, Julie is continuing her education in the Master of Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner Program at Athabasca University to elicit future growth in the field of aesthetics.

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