It’s safe to say that one of the most popularized regions for dermal filler injections are the lips. When the lips are symmetrical and plumped it enhances your overall beauty and gives you a more youthful look. 

Now that you know that, this leads us to the main question – why should nurses or physicians sign up for filler injection courses? 

With the dermal filler demand being so high in the medical aesthetics industry it certainly puts those who are certified to perform the procedures ahead of the game. It is always a great idea to enhance your medical skills and learn more to help your career flourish, and if there is a high demand for such things, why not take the additional training and become a successful entrepreneur. 

lip injection course

At CAMA, we provide filler injection courses that emphasize the proper techniques regarding lip fillers. Our programs are taught by industry-leading experts and many successful students have come out of the certificate programs.

Here are some of the filler injection course material that you might want to know more about: 

Part 1: Pre-Course Online Material

Nurses will be provided with pre-course information that will help them to engage with some of the big educational components that enable them to learn more about how to manage or avoid complications. 

Part 2: Theoretical Material Taught Online by Experienced Professionals

The outline includes a full assessment of the face, causation of decreased volume and development of wrinkles, the art of facial sculpting, management of potential complications, and being able to recognize adverse effects. 

Part 3: Virtual Live Q&A Followed by a Quiz

Before the practical component of the course, nurses will have a question and answer session with the teacher. This is a great opportunity to collaborate and engage with other students which will also allow them to directly clarify course material with the instructors. 

Part 4: Over 15 hours of Hands-On Training for the Filler Injection Courses

Thorough hands-on practice is provided for two full days. This allows students to perform Botox and dermal filler procedures immediately following the other components of the course. The great thing about our program is that all products and models are provided by our institution at no additional cost for the participants. 

Start Your Medical Cosmetics Journey With The Canadian Association of Medical Aesthetics

The opportunities are endless when you choose our school for your certification. We provide ample amounts of training led by a team of experts that will give you the confidence you need when performing the treatments. 

Whether it’s a lip injection course or our other aesthetics programs, each course is designed to teach you the skills and knowledge needed for the cosmetics profession. 

Please visit our courses section on our website or give us a call to learn more about our programs for nurses and physicians.