Our Facial Anatomy and Cadaver Lab Course is led by some of the leading facial cosmetic surgeons in Canada (refer to our faculty) and designed for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Dentists, Registered Nurses, International Medical Graduates and Physician Assistants. We highly recommend professionals go through this course prior to completing our Botulinum Toxins and Dermal Fillers Course. During the course, practitioners will go into depth on the amatory of facial muscles (location and action), arteries, nerves, and bone structure.

Also includes: Unlimited refresher courses and access to student clinics (to practice skills) within the first 2 years of registration with membership renewal.

Learning Outcomes

Location of all major bone structures of the face and head​.

Location of fat compartments and how they change throughout the aging process.

Knowledge on the location and depth of major arteries located in the face, neck, and head.

Location and mechanism of action of facial muscles and how Botulinum Toxins affect movement of the muscle.

Understanding the difference between arteries and veins and their role in blood perfusion to the eyes, lips, and nose.

The difference between Botulinum Toxins and Dermal Fillers and how they affect facial anatomy and biological structures

Cadaver Dissection Outcomes:

Size, depth, and location of major arteries of the face and head and how blood flow is distributed though these structures.

Depth of injection with Cannula verses Needle techniques.

Cheek Fillers Depth of Injections and the layers product should be deposited with Needle and Cannula.

Periocular fillers and how blindness, lymphatic obstruction, and decreased blood supply can occur to the orbital structures with improper technique and knowledge  – Dissection and Evaluation of Fat Compartments and why fillers are placed in specific layers in relation to facial contouring and volume restoration. 

Course Outline