Exclusive Hands-On Dissection Course

Course Features

Intimate Class Size

Directly interact with our faculty

Cadaver Dissection

Get an in-depth view of tissue and vessel structures

Anatomy Overview

Learn in depth about facial anatomy

Live Q&A

Have your questions answered by Prof. Cotofana

Injection Training On Cadavers

Improve your injection techniques to add more precision.

Course Overview

Immersive learning

Observe Prof. Cotofana’s full head dissection up close with a full facial anatomy review. Be prepared to have your anatomy questions answered.

Highly interactive

Participants are encouraged to be highly interactive with the faculty and be prepared with individualized topics they want to learn and discuss.

Injection techniques

Learn proper evidence based anatomical injection techniques.

Filler and Toxins

Students will be conducting hands-on dissections on cadavers and be able to practice injection techniques of both filler and toxins.

Waiting List

We are currently full, but join our waiting list for a chance to attend!

Practitioners of all levels can attend this training, including physicians (MDs, DOs), nurses (NPs, RNs), and physician assistants (PAs, PA-Cs).
We would like to have all our medical professionals arrive in scrubs. Medical PPE will be provided on our behalf (gowns, gloves, masks).
  • By the end of this hands-on training, you will walk away knowing the following:
  • Key facial anatomical landmarks, safe zones, danger areas, and facial planes for the best esthetic treatment outcomes
  • How to increase your proficiency in delivering excellent facial injectable therapy safely and efficiently
  • Anatomy, neurophysiology, musculature, and circulatory system of the oral and maxillofacial area
  • Understanding more than ever what you need to do to prevent and treat simple to complex injectable complications from bruising, vascular occlusion, and necrosis 
  • Prof. Sebastian Cotofana, MD, PhD, PhD

    Prof. Sebastian Cotofana, MD., PhD, PhD is an associate professor of anatomy in the Department of Clinical Anatomy at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, Rochester, Minnesota. He additionally is a honorary professor of Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, Russia and a visiting professor at the University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia. He teaches anatomy, embryology, and histology to first-year medical students, residents and health care profession students and his teaching focus is on advanced clinical anatomy for health professionals, residents and physicians.

    His research interest is in translational and clinical anatomical research with a special focus on age-related changes of the human face and medical education. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and online communications.


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