The ​Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Filler training course ​is designed for Physicians (MD & DO), Nurse Practitioners (NP),Registered Nurses (RN), Dentists, Registered Practical Nurses (RPN) / Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). T​he course includes a didactic and hands-on training session. Attendees receive a Certificate of Training upon successful completion of the course. ​
This is a 2 full day intensive in class course, which will cover the essential theoretical fundamentals of Botulinum Toxin  and Dermal Filler Training. Each day will have a practical component to allow the attendees to practice what they have learnt theoretically. ​Our course is specially designed to ensure each attendees feels comfortable and confident with the materials taught. 

Also includes: Unlimited refresher courses and access to student clinics (to practice skills) within the first 2 years of registration with membership renewal.

Learn the most up to date knowledge-based practices in non-surgical medical aesthetic techniques.

All practitioners will practice and abide by all the standards of the governing college of the health care practitioner.

Teaching health care providers to stay within their scope of practice practitioner and understanding the rules and guidelines for delegation.

Ability to competently and safely perform basic botox and filler injections under the supervision of an experienced practitioner in the field of non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Know potential contraindications and complications of each treatment method and how to deal with adverse patient outcomes.

Understanding cross-linking and g-linking molecular components of each filler type, why they are used, and which part of the face/body it should be applied to.

Understanding the different equipment and techniques used during botox and filler treatments.

Understanding when and where to apply different practice techniques for basic injectables related to botox and fillers.

Examine dermal filler techniques and injection methods for lip enhancement, lip augmentation.

Demonstrate correct injection methods and techniques for Botulinum Toxin-A and dermal fillers.

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Course Outline