About Us

CAMA was the first aesthetics institution and resource centre in Canada to create a program to standardize and create a formal educational foundation in non-surgical aesthetic medicine. We are global leaders in the field of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and bring the most recent, up to date, evidence-based practice techniques and developments to our students. Our faculty, Board of Directors, and curriculum developers include Aesthetic Medicine’s top global opinion and practise leaders in the world. Our association takes pride in handpicking faculty who have dedicated their professional careers to the advancement of safe, ethical and most up to date protocols. Our goal is to provide information at an affordable price and create access to quality education. 

What Makes CAMA Different?

CAMA strives to expand our resources and services available to both our past and present participants.

CAMA takes pride in promising our teaching faculty all have aesthetic medicine as their primary scope of practice and have at least 10 years experience in the field.

CAMA offers one on one training opportunities for those who would like to enhance their injection techniques on any area of the face.

CAMA offers our students online Theoretical Portion of our courses to start their training whenever is convenient for them

CAMA offers our students more hands-on experience with up to 95% hands-on practice

As members of CAMA our students have access to webinars and educational tutorials.

The Mission of CAMA is to provide the highest quality of education in the field of aesthetic medicine.

CAMA was the first institution in Canada to create the groundwork for formally accredited non-surgical aesthetics programs in Canada for Health Care Providers and protect this scope of practise for Nurses. Our faculty are experts in the field of Aesthetic medicine and have an immense knowledge base about all non-surgical medical aesthetics procedures. Unlike other institutes, we take pride in knowing all our instructors’ main scope of practise is aesthetic medicine, not an extension to one’s primary practice therefore our practitioners learn from individuals who have the most in-depth knowledge, experience, and business practice in the field.
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