There is a reason why so many people recommend wearing high SPF sunscreen for your skin. Being exposed to too much UV can make your skin tone uneven, cause hyperpigmentation, and make you look way older than your actual age. Nobody wants to look worse, do they? But thankfully, microneedling is something that can treat sun-damaged skin for a healthier glow.

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As a result, this technique has been in high demand in recent years, and being able to learn how to do it through a mesotherapy training course at a reputable center can add another tool to your kit, knowing the most advanced procedures available. Read on to learn about skin rejuvenation from the advice of our microneedling certification Toronto staff at CAMA.

What does sun-damaged skin look like?

Sun damage is not necessarily harmful to your health. However, sun exposure can reduce the elasticity of your skin, leading to premature wrinkles and dryness. Young people may not notice skin damage until the problems become more visible on their bodies. Some of the most well-known signs of sun damage that you can find when living in the hotter regions of Canada can include:

• New freckles
• Dark spots
• Fine lines
• Rough skin
• Thin skin

Through learning microneedling with PRP training, you will be aware of these symptoms and can properly consult patients who come to visit your place of practice. Your job is to assess whether the conditions on a patient’s skin require medical treatment.

Skin rejuvenation with microneedling

Reversing sun damage is what a mesotherapy training course at CAMA can teach you. During a skin assessment, we can look into problems (such as uneven skin tone) and find a microneedling treatment plan based on the patient’s needs. Using PRP, our microneedling technique can even enhance the look of your skin afterward. Visible results can be seen over the following weeks and months after treatment.
So how does it work? Microneedling for sun-damaged skin uses an innovative device that creates tiny injuries across the surface of your skin. Through these injuries, our body will produce a natural response through boosting collagen production. New skin cells grow as the area heals, helping to de-age the skin and leave the top layer brighter and smoother than before.

Taking care of the skin after treatment

Even though PRP microneedling is safe and noninvasive, you will still have to learn about microneeding with PRP training to know how to advise patients on post-care. Patients can expect small scabs to form in the first 24 – 72 hours, which should flake off eventually. Visible results appear about one month after your first session. Patients may have to revisit the center for another 3-4 treatments depending on how damaged their skin is initially.
Here are some ways to take care of the healing skin after microneedling:
• Stay hydrated by drinking water.
• Do not pick at the scabbing skin.
• Avoid exfoliating products.
• Call our clinic with any issues.

Microneedling for sun-damaged skin

Sun damage can cause major concerns for human beauty such as premature aging, wrinkles, spots, and uneven skin tone. That is why there is always a demand on the market for someone who can treat this type of exposure. CAMA offers some of the best mesotherapy training courses in Canada if you are interested. We are excited to provide high-quality programs and promotions upon your enrollment.