Modelling at CAMA

Modelling for one of our courses, is the perfect opportunity to receive non surgical aesthetic procedures at cost. Services during courses are limited to the scope of the training, and require a $50.00 deposit ($500.00 for advanced courses) up front when booking your appointment.

We proudly use Restylane and Stylage – 5 star rated for safety

Cosmetic Model Terms & Conditions

1. I am currently NOT planning to conceive, get pregnant, or to breastfeed
2. I am NOT on any accutane products
3. I DO NOT have any known history or family history of nervous or autoimmune system issues
4. I DO NOT have any bee/wasp string allergies
5. I DO NOT have any lidocaine allergies
**it is up to the healthcare provider to decide whether or not you are eligible for treatment and has the right to refuse giving treatment. If this scenario does arise, patients will be refunded their deposit fee.**


Botox: $5.50 per unit Dermal Fillers: $250.00 per syringe (minimum 1 syringe) All deposits are put toward the cost of services performed and are non-refundable.

Treatments interested in: (required)
BotoxDermal FIllersPRPMesotherapyIV Nutrition TherapySculptra

Select an estimated time for treatment: (required)
1 Month1 to 3 Months3 to 6 Months