Become a certified injector with  Botox courses: Toronto

Registered nurses and registered practical nurses can extend their skillsets and opportunities beyond dedicating their career to just patient care. The nursing field can open numerous doors to pursue aesthetics and cosmetic enhancement certifications. The medical aesthetics sector has become one of the fastest-growing specialties in the industry.

One of the most popular procedures that came out of the aesthetics world is Botox injections. It is so commonly performed that every year around six million Botox treatments are administered worldwide. Given how fast it grew, it’s inevitable the popularity can grow beyond that number.

At CAMA, we offer advanced Botox training that stands to be one of the most reputable Botox courses Ontario offers. Our Botox filler course can be completed by nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and registered practical nurses. It is available for nurses who are at the beginner level or intermediate level. The Botox filler course is designed to allow individuals to grow their skillsets and includes critical thinking components, competency to utilize their aesthetic toolbox (Botox and fillers) and become successful in their practice after they leave our program.

Botox filler course Ontario, Toronto

If you are looking to expand your nursing career and earn more money, consider signing up for our Botox training courses and learn how to be a professional, certified injector.

What You Need to Know About Our Botox Filler Course

Our Botox courses Toronto offer successful outcomes upon program completion. CAMA offers a few different courses that incorporate Botox training. One of the courses include four parts: Pre-course online material, theoretical component hosted by experienced instructors and physicians, virtual live question and answer and quiz before practical component, and two full days of hands-on practice (over 15 hours). This course is a 2-day Botox and dermal filler program available for beginners and those more advanced. Additionally, it is accredited by The Canadian Nurses Association.

We also offer packages that include all the non-surgical aesthetics skills for a further expansion of your knowledge. Our advanced aesthetics courses are a top-grade learning experience, contact us for a full break down on all the options that include Botox training.

Benefits of Taking our Botox Filler Course

Investing time and money into the Botox courses Toronto school offers will significantly change your career to one that you might have hoped for your entire life. Obtaining the additional credentials and certification for cosmetic injections will provide you with a ton of benefits.

One of the perks includes a higher income, who wouldn’t want that? The rewarding experience of becoming a professional injector offers you the opportunity to be at the hospital or doctor’s office part-time and have a part-time side hustle enhancing other patient’s beauty. Some may also make the decision to pursue Botox and cosmetic injections full-time and open their own clinic and brand themselves. The entrepreneurial benefits bring in financial outcomes that probably would not have been reached if the only source of income was public nursing.

We applaud and salute our nurses for being on the frontlines of this whole pandemic. It has made us realize just how crucial their jobs are globally before or during the COVID-19 pandemic. Working in an active hospital setting or medical clinic can be exhausting both mentally and physically. Which brings us to the next perk related to becoming a certified Botox injector. The setting of a private aesthetics clinic or medical spa office are much calmer and more relaxed. These clinics are designed to treat you with an elite cosmetic experience upon entering to the moment you leave. Working in relaxed settings like these may ease the tension you may have felt throughout the duration working as a public nurse. For those that do not prefer fast-paced environments but enjoy the nursing sector, then medical aesthetics may be the appropriate route to take!

On another note, cosmetic nurse injectors have a predictable, organized schedule with appointments that are booked well in advance. This is a notable perk that entails expected hours of work which allows for a better work-life balance. It is very rare that a nurse injector requires to do overtime and they are offered the option to book space in between appointments to avoid exhaustion.

Of course, we cannot forget about the best benefit of all, which is the joy of acquiring additional skills in a flourishing industry that keeps getting bigger. More and more jobs are becoming available as the demand for cosmetic nurses are increasing. Obtaining these new skills will allow you to create the lifestyle that you want while making patient’s happy with their cosmetic enhancement procedures. You start to play a role in people’s lives in different ways. Helping the betterment of a person’s health and aiding in their journey to confidence with beauty enhancements is a hero in our opinion.

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