There are many misconceptions about who can perform cosmetic injections, and nowadays there are even online sites that are selling filler substances that are not FDA approved and need no proof of qualifications to purchase. Botox and dermal fillers should not be administered at home or by an unlicensed aesthetician. Some may also think that if they have the nurse credentials then they won’t need the extra training. All of these factors are wrong and there is more to it to be a certified injector. The last thing you would want is for complications to happen to yourself or other people by not having the proper training or educational background in the medical field. 

Botox and filler course for physicians

Only licensed healthcare practitioners can participate in a Botox and filler course. Having the educational foundation in the medicinal industry is a vital component before signing up for any medical aesthetics program. At CAMA, we provide a Botox and filler course for the following healthcare professionals:

–       Nurses (registered nurses, registered practical nurses, etc.)

–       Doctors and Physicians

Do Not Purchase Botox or Dermal Filler Substances Online

There are many websites that sell substances that can supposedly be used as fillers or Botox. Not only are the online substances sold illegally, but they are also very dangerous to be injected into the body. More likely than not, these substances are fake and pose a threat to your well-being. Even if you are certified to perform cosmetic injections, purchasing these substances online puts your clients at risk and potentially your profession can be on the line too. Interestingly, this trend continues to grow because it is cheaper than going to a clinic and some social media influencers are promoting these dangerous online substances. Unless you are a registered nurse you should only be getting the Botox and dermal fillers from a higher medical authority because those are the real substances that are FDA-approved for cosmetic use.

Can Nurses in Independent Practice Provide Botox and Dermal Fillers?

To attain the authority needed to administer Botox, registered nurses and registered practical nurses must work in the same practice or collaborate with at least one prescriber, such as a nurse practitioner or doctor. The reason is because administering Botox requires executing two controlled acts which are the following:

–       Administering a substance by injection

–       Performing a prescribed treatment below the dermis layer of the skin

Registered nurses and registered practical nurses can only administer a controlled act if they first acquire the proper consent like a direct order from a nurse practitioner or physician.

Our medical aesthetics program for Botox and filler course for nurses will outline all the key components of the cosmetic profession.

Registered nurses and registered practical nurses can perform Botox and dermal fillers when ALL of the following criteria are met:

–       You have the appropriate order from a nurse practitioner or doctor/physician;

–       You establish that the order is understandable and complete;

–       You have the skills and knowledge to proceed with the procedures and can manage any negative outcomes;

–       The patient’s medical history and current use of medications or supplements all need to be understood by the nurse injector prior to the procedure to determine if the beauty treatment is appropriate for them;

–       After the assessment, the patient needs to consent to the procedure before starting anything;

–       All health service guidelines must be met and you must work in a sanitized environment with sterilized equipment.

Why Are There So Many Guidelines If Botox and Dermal Filler Treatments Are Safe To Administer?

We have heard this question so many times we just had to talk about it. Yes, the treatments seem like low-risk cosmetic procedures, but that is not completely true. Performing Botox and dermal fillers without the appropriate credentials, knowledge, or skill can increase the risk of causing harm to the individual receiving the treatment.

At CAMA we have all the tools and resources needed in our medical aesthetics programs to help turn you into a reputable injector. You will be able to determine what procedure is best for the patient, how much substance is needed, and you will learn expert techniques that can not be compared to.

Visit our courses section for more information about the Botox and filler course for nurses, or contact our institution and our team will be happy to guide you through the details.