Ashley Haydarian,

One of our most up and coming injectors in this field, Ashley graduated from Ryerson University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. From there, she started in the field of aesthetic medicine part-time, while practicing in Emergency and Rehabilitation. Ashley has worked in multiple different clinics across the Greater Toronto Area. Ashley has completed trainings all over the world with world-renowned injectors/trainers in Canada, America, and Europe, and enjoys bringing her knowledge to her students. Her motto is “learning is a constant state of mind and growing never ends”. She is always looking for new techniques and ways to grow as a nurse, injector and educator. As a past time, Ashley used to be an avid soccer player, playing at a national level then branching out to become a provincial soccer referee, is an avid traveller, and enjoys spending time with her son Michael. Her specialties are liquid face lifts, non-surgical nose jobs, and non-surgical butt lifts.