PRP is a method that is being mentioned frequently in the field of cosmetology. Not only effective in beauty use, PRP has been proving its outstanding advantages in many areas of treatment. Therefore, it can be beneficial for technicians working in the cosmetic industry as well as medically-trained professional to familiarize themselves with this new technology. You can apply this knowledge into skincare and cosmetic treatments, which will bring great results. All you need is the knowledge of microneedling with PRP training. 

microneedling with PRP training toronto

What is PRP?

PRP stands for Platelet-rich Plasma. It is a hematologic product with a platelet concentration many times higher than normal.

Platelets are a rich source of growth factors such as: IGF, KGF, VEGF… These factors help in cell proliferation, stimulate new blood vessel formation, increase collagen production, fibroblasts, and help restore damage and improve the skin in a comprehensive way. As a result, PRP provides a superior treatment effect compared to the use of drugs or other conventional treatments. 

What qualifications are you required to take part in our PRP training course?

To join a PRP training course, you must first be medically qualified nurse or physician. 

What benefits do our PRP training Canada courses bring?

Participating in the PRP training course, you will be updated with new advances in PRP therapy, learn PRP procedures, directly observe and practice PRP techniques applied on wrinkles, concave scars, melasma, comprehensive rejuvenation, etc.

PRP treatment is an excellent addition to your aesthetic clinic. It is well-known for the ability to improve the texture of the skin, create better skin tone, make the skin firmer, and reduce wrinkles. Other benefits of taking PRP training include:

  • Learn how to choose a centrifuge, create a kit, and calculate the amount of blood needed.
  • Learn techniques of anesthesia incubation, blood collection, centrifugation, separation, and mixing of PRP.
  • Learn the applications of PRP in the treatment of melasma and scars.
  • Understand common mistakes and complications when performing PRP
  • Study in small group sessions for optimum practical experience.

 What certification will you receive after taking our PRP training Canada course?

After finishing the course, students are awarded with a certificate of graduation. This certificate is recognized nationally. You can work at beauty centers, open a Salon for yourself, and generally make money using the knowledge you have learn. And if you’re not ready to go down the path of entrepreneurship yet, you are still equipped with enough knowledge to take good care of your own beauty.

The Bottom Line

Safe, efficient and flexible in application, yet PRP is quite easy to do and the cost to perform PRP is also moderate, so this method is being widely applied in recent years. There is very little downtime for patients receiving the procedure yet the results are long-lasting. Therefore, it is extremely popular among busy customers.

Thus, if you are working or are interested in the field of cosmetics, you really need to familiarize yourself with this technique!