In today’s society, cosmetic nurse is a fairly common job. Most nurses work with doctors and other health care professionals. Some nurses supervise trainee nurses, nursing assistants, and home health aides. However, cosmetic nurses work in the aesthetic industry, supervising and administering anesthesia and fillers.

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With an annual income of $105k to $130k, cosmetic nurses work in inpatient, outpatient, and emergency medical settings alongside dentists, anesthesiologists, and surgeons. The job of these nurses is to prepare patients as well as to administer anesthesia during surgeries.

So, how do you become a cosmetic nurse? What can you expect from a nurse injector course? 

What do you learn in Botox courses for nurses?

Our Aesthetic nurse training Canada staff will provide you with the most comprehensive classes, after with you can earn certifications to inject Botox and dermal fillers. You will be taught in both didactic and hands-on approaches. Thanks to these, for any new aesthetic procedures that come out, you can incorporate them with existing practice in the industry. Our licensed instructors will cover best business practices and help you expand into the aesthetic medical field. Our Botox courses for nurses fulfill CME (continuing medical education) for the best peace of mind. 

What do you do after taking an Aesthetic nurse training Canada course?

As a nurse working in medical aesthetics, you have more opportunity and time to interact with patients. However, you can fully control the time and treatment plan for the them. You also have more initiative in using products or treatment techniques for your patients.

Some nurses do not work directly with patients, but they must still have a registered nurse’s license to operate. For example, they may work as medical educators, healthcare consultants, public policy advisors, researchers, hospital managers, salespeople for pharmaceutical companies and medical providers, or as medical writers and editors.

Clinical nurse specialists are an advanced category of registered nurses. They care for patients directly in a nursing specialty, such as mental health or pediatrician.

After working with our aesthetic nurse training Canada staff, you may also provide indirect care by working with other nurses and other staff to improve the quality of care that patients receive. You will serve in leadership roles and may educate and advise other nursing staff and may also conduct research. 

The Bottom Line

In the cosmetic industry, nurses can take control of their work/life balance entirely. This career is so flexible that it enables you to choose when and how often you want to work (and earn). Through our nurse injector course, we have seen many participants reporting a much better quality of life. You have the choices to work in more sociable hours. And in addition to that, you will also work with happier, more satisfied patients. Compared to regular nursing jobs in hospitals and the medical industry, working as a cosmetic nurse can lead you down a more fulfilling path because you will have greater satisfaction, and that is because you now have more autonomy in decision-making in a less-pressured and environment.