Sharmin Syed


I am a Registered Nurse and Cosmetics Nurse Injector from Edmonton, AB. My nursing career began 8 years ago in Mental Health and Addictions. After working in Mental Health and Addictions for many years, I decided to pursue my other passion which is Medical Aesthetics. I wanted to use my unique experience to make major impacts by merging my expertise in Mental Health and Medical Aesthetics so, I opened my medical aesthetics practice where I offer therapeutic and cosmetic injectables.
My approach to aesthetics is holistic. I want to deeply understand my patients – their goals, priorities, and lifestyle to help them achieve their customized results.
I am a life-long learner and I am thrilled to join CAMA as this gives me the opportunity to share my passion for teaching other health care providers and also help me learn from my peers and leading industry experts.

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