Dr. Nathan Thakur


Dr. Nathan Thakur, CCFP, is a medical doctor currently focused in regenerative and anti-aging medicine. His practice focuses on biologic therapies and harnessing the power of PRP to help patients rejuvenate their body tissues. He has counselled and provided medical care to a number of Canada’s top CEOs, sports personalities and other public figures. He is currently the medical director of two private healthcare clinics as well as an associate clinical professor with the University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine.

Previously, Dr. Thakur worked for the Cleveland Clinic, the number 2 ranked medical center in the world. At Cleveland Clinic’s Toronto office, he was the lead executive health physician providing care to high-profile executives and sports icons.

He obtained his medical doctorate from the University of Saskatchewan and completed his residency at McGill University with a focus in Emergency Medicine. While in residency, Dr. Thakur was enrolled in the Humanitarian Studies Initiative, a joint Harvard-McGill venture to train physicians for humanitarian disaster scenarios. He is proud to be a faculty member with Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine while also being a member of the Canadian Sport and Exercise Medicine society. He is experienced with the use of ultrasound as a delivery method for various anti-aging therapeutics for joints, tendons and veins.

Dr. Thakur is a lover of animals, cars and soccer. He is a firm supporter of Arsenal F.C.