Dr. Gideon Kwok


Dr. Gideon Kwok is one of the founders and the Medical Director for the prestigious Skin Perfect Medical in Southern California. Dr. Kwok began working in the field of aesthetic medicine during his second year of family medicine residency at the University of California, Los Angeles and has been practicing in the field of medical aesthetics for over 14 years. He has been a speaker/trainer for Cutera and Bioform (Radiesse) and is currently on the advisory board, a national speaker and clinical trainer for Galderma. His interest in medical aesthetics stemmed from his own acne and skin issues that started as a teenager, that continued well into his medical career. With help from friends and a want to improve his skin as well as help others, with skin and aging issues, he started his first clinic in 2004. Today he has expanded to over 6 clinics, with over 10,000 patients and is recognized as a master injector in the US. His clinic accolades include being in the Top 5 users of the Galderma portfolio and #1 Coolsculpting account in the West Coast. Medical aesthetics fits into his ideology of knowing and growing with your patients and making a difference in his patients’ lives by really changing the way they look at themselves, their self-esteem and their self-confidence.

During his spare time, Dr. Kwok is an avid traveler and loves to eat, whether it be fine dining or a hole in the wall….Good food and good friends make him happy. He does try to fit in some gym time in between his busy schedule but admits he is very lazy when it comes to working out. He also admits to having a very bad shoe addiction, that you can follow on his Instagram. Some of the more unique places he has visited are Egypt, Dubai, Morocco (Africa), China, Japan, multiple countries within Europe and Scandinavia, the list goes on and, of course, Canada.