Dr. Brent Howley


Originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Dr. Howley attended St. Francis Xavier University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree. From there, he went on to complete his Medical Doctorate at Dalhousie University in Halifax, where he was awarded the Silver D for outstanding performance and contribution to his medical class.

Dr. Howley then attended the Orthopaedic Surgery program at the University of Western Ontario. He decided to shift his medical specialties to plastic surgery and completed his residency at the University of Toronto; one of the top plastic surgery programs in Canada.

He has published numerous articles and has given several award-winning presentations at the national level. He has twice been awarded top honours for Best Clinical Research In The Field Of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery At The University Of Toronto.

After completing his years of study, Dr. Howley began looking for a place where he could learn and grow within his chosen field of practice. The decision was made to head back to his Maritime roots.