Denah Smith

BScN MScN RN(EC)-PHCNP APNP-MEPN National Nursing Faculty Lead-CAMA

Denah’s path to a multi-medical background is close to three decades in the making.
Having licensure in both Canada and the United States, Denah’s passion, vast experience and evolutionary view of medical practice over time has culminated in a solid professional foundation, proficiency and an extensive breadth of knowledge and skills central to creating her uniqueness and philosophy for Health, Medicine and Aesthetic Practice. Denah has both Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Nursing/Healthcare, in addition to numerous Certifications in Advanced Anti-Aging Science/Medical Aesthetics and Procedures, and Dermatology.
As a respected and effective leader in her industry, Denah teaches students in academic institutions, provides mentorship opportunities in her practice, spearheads healthcare-based educational workshops/seminars and conducts research/evaluation for a variety of health and wellness initiatives. Considered an expert in her field, Denah inspires motivation in pivotal roles seeking to develop excellence in medical practice and standards of care in Primary or Aesthetic Medicine.
She is a transformation agent and passionate leader viewing Health and the Anti-Aging spectrum with a dynamic and global narrative, and through a lens of inclusivity-endeavouring to inspire change, excitement, and growth within the industry. It is with this creative perspective that Denah strives to achieve her goals: to critique, and provide supportive focused solutions for an evolving aesthetic and medical repertoire to her clients, collaborative business partnerships, and Worldwide.

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